Swisscom Trust Services is a leading provider of trust services that enable partners to drive pan-European digital innovation.

Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services offers a portfolio of services comprising electronic signing, identification and authentication. Companies can access these services either by integrating them into their own systems or by using ready-built solutions provided by Swisscom’s partners. Typical solutions include digital onboarding, electronic signature platforms, form processes and messenger integration. Focus industries include banking and finance, HR and healthcare.

Electronic signature

The Signing Service is a cloud-based service that enables people to sign legally binding documents electronically and remotely via applications built and managed by Swisscom’s partners. In addition to the signature, the Signing Service adds a timestamp to verify that a signature was valid at a particular point in time, which allows long-term validation of the signature.

In order to use the Signing Service, the person signing the document must do a one-time identification process, which can be handled by Swisscom’s Smart Registration Service (SRS). Once the person has registered, each time they sign a document, they only need to authenticate themself using the method defined in the identification process.

Qualified Electronic Signature

Swisscom Trust Services is the only European provider of Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) for both the EU and Switzerland, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation and ZertES Signature Act. Scrive offers QES (currently for the EU) in its eSign signature platform through Swisscom’s Signing Service and Smart Registration Service. Scrive’s customers can also access Swisscom’s services via the eID Hub, Scrive’s digital identity platform.


Signing documents with the Signing Service requires the signing party to identify themselves in a one-time registration process. Once this process is completed, the person can sign documents without having to identify themselves each time. They only need to perform a simple authentication step. Swisscom’s Smart Registration Service (SRS) offers multiple methods for registering new signing parties, both online or in person.


Each time you sign a document with the Swisscom Signing Service, you need to authenticate yourself. This authentication serves as a declaration of intent to sign the document and ensures that the act of signing is uniquely linked to the identity of the person signing electronically. The authentication method, which is defined during the one-time identification process, only requires a mobile phone. Multiple authentication methods are supported.


About Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services specialises in translating complex regulations, compliance rules and industry-specific requirements into innovative processes and technology. Formerly a business unit of Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom, Swisscom Trust Services became a separate company in 2021 to address the growing importance of trust services for digital business models.

Frequently asked questions

What trust services does Swisscom offer?

Electronic signing, identification and authentication.

In which countries are Swisscom’s services accepted?

Swisscom’s services conform with both EU and Swiss laws governing electronic signatures and seals.

How can companies offer Swisscom services?

Either by integrating them into their own systems or by using ready-built solutions provided by Swisscom’s partners.

What Swisscom services does Scrive offer?

Scrive’s eSign service offers qualified electronic signatures (QES) through Swisscom. Access to Swisscom services is also available through the Scrive eID Hub.

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