Verimi is a German digital identity platform offering secure, convenient solutions for accessing and using online services.


Verimi’s services center around the Verimi-ID, which serves as a single, digital ID for accessing many online services – no more need for multiple usernames and passwords. Verimi-ID, which individuals can create free of charge, is similar to having your passport on your phone or computer: you can use it whenever you need to identify yourself online. But it’s much more than that. Verimi-ID holders can identify themselves, log in to services, sign documents and make payments. For example, to open a bank account online, you can use your Verimi-ID to identify yourself as well as to transfer the requested personal data, rather than manually filling out a form.

Store and share identity data

Verimi-ID is a way to securely store all your identity data in one place. Then it’s easy to share that data with online service providers. You have complete control over what data you share with each provider.

Log in securely

One login method for many services. Rather than maintaining multiple passwords, you can connect your Verimi account to all the accounts you have with Verimi partners. Once you’re connected, you can log in to all them with your Verimi-ID.

Sign documents online

Use your Verimi-ID when signing documents electronically to verify that you are the person signing. You can use Verimi-ID to sign documents directly on the Verimi platform or through a third-party e-signing service or provider that has integrated Verimi Sign. Verimi offers electronic signatures on the Qualified (QES) level, as defined by the eIDAS regulation.

Pay with ease

Simplify your online purchases when shopping at any of Verimi’s partners. You only need to enter your bank account data once, to your Verimi account. After that, purchasing is very quick: log in with your Verimi-ID, then your payment information is automatically shared – no data entry required, and you can trigger the purchase.

Verimi for service providers

Organisations in both the private and public sectors can add value to their online offerings by integrating the services in the Verimi platform into their own digital services. Onboarding becomes much faster, providing a better customer experience. Being able to quickly and conveniently verify the identity of customers increases conversions by reducing abandonment.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Verimi-ID cost?

Creating and using a Verimi-ID is free.

Where can you use a Verimi-ID?

You can use your Verimi-ID with any of Verimi’s partners.

How does Verimi earn revenue?

Each time a user uses their Verimi-ID with one of Verimi’s business partners, the partner pays Verimi a fee. Verimi does not charge user fees or market user data for advertising purposes.

Who owns Verimi?

Verimi is a joint venture. Partners include Allianz, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Samsung, and Volkswagen.

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