eSign GO

Digitalisation without integration. Legacy systems blocking your digital journey? Need to get there fast? Transform your store network or office now.

Many systems, one solution. eSign GO is a revolutionary system-agnostic solution that gets you where you need to be in one quick leap


As simple as printing

Skip paper: print directly to Scrive from any system and instantly gain the benefits of a digital process.

Generate document

Generate your agreement as normal, and choose the Scrive printer driver (or plug-in/add-in).

Print to Scrive

Trigger pre-defined sign flow, or manually set workflow options.

Send for signing

Sign document on in-store tablet or send by email or SMS for signing on any device.


Instant POS digitalisation

Roll out e-signing to all your stores, skip the IT development investment. Scrive sets up and manages everything for you.


Real-time access to all sales data.

Data accuracy

Eliminate data errors, prevent fraud.

Real-time reporting

Revenue assurance and faster customer service resolution.

Brand awareness

Give your customers and employees a modern in-store experience.


Office automation made easy

Scrive GO Office: Launch your e-signing workflows directly from your legacy office systems, Word or any document-generating system.


We tailor it to any workflow, locked or open.


Customers sign your documents from anywhere, on any device.

Drive efficiency

Cut response times from weeks to minutes, increase conversion.


Add signing party authentication options like eID and PIN by SMS.

It sounds too good

The key is a printer driver that connects your systems to Scrive. Customise for any workflows, locked or open.

1 step for you
1 step for you

Install the Scrive printer driver, browser extension or Word add-in.

We do the rest
We do the rest

Show us what you need, we set it up and maintain it.

Nothing to learn
Nothing to learn

GO is an add-on, not another system to learn. No change in behavior.

Find yourself in great company

Scrive is making a world of difference in our customers’ lives. Let their stories show you.

Case study


“This was one of the most successful IT projects I’ve ever had.”

Erik Kluften
Head of IT, Telenor Norway

Secure, compliant, legal

Scrive is a Trust Service Provider under the EU’s eIDAS Regulation, providing all levels of electronic signatures recognised under the regulation. Documents e-signed with Scrive conform to global contract law and can be used as evidence in court proceedings.

Scrive takes GDPR compliance very seriously, which is why we develop solutions that facilitate your own compliance, in particular through measures which meet the principles of data protection by design and by default.

Scrive GO price plans

Plug-and-play digitalisation with Scrive’s revolutionary system-agnostic solution for esigning.
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Scrive API price plans

Integrate the full power of Scrive in your native systems with Scrive’s winning support team.
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Try it out or learn more

Sign up for a free account, or give us a call and tell us what you’re trying to solve.