eSign Online

eSign Online is Scrive’s electronic signature portal. E-signing is quickly becoming the standard in an increasingly digital world. By adopting electronic signatures into your business processes, you can:

double your document conversion rates
cut response times from weeks to minutes
kickstart your digital transformation

eSign - How it works

eSign Online is Scrive’s online portal. Send, sign and manage your agreements wherever you are, on any device. The entire signing process is a few simple steps.

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Log in to the Scrive eSign Online portal and upload your document.

Add signing parties

Enter the contact information of the people who need to receive and sign the agreement.


The document is sent to the signing parties, and you’ll be notified once the signed agreement is securely stored in your archive.

Test sign a document

Want to experience Scrive’s e-signing solution for yourself? See how easy it is to speed up your workflow with our online test sign now.

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Blockchain-protected integrity

Scrive uses blockchain technology to guarantee the integrity of your document. First, the document is sealed with a digital signature, then blockchain makes the digital signature verifiable through a permanent public record. This makes it possible to prove that any electronically signed document:

  • has not been altered
  • is not a forgery
  • was created on the precise date and time indicated by the digital signature

Tailor Scrive to the way YOU work

We understand that e-signing and authentication are just pieces of something much larger – your business processes. That’s why we’ve built a growing suite of workflow options into our eSign service to automate many of the steps that come before and after the signature.


Route your document to one or more approver parties

Deadlines and reminders
Deadlines and reminders

Keep the signing process on track while you’re doing other things

Bulk send
Bulk send

500 signers, 1 document? Just import your mailing list


Instant forms automation

Need a signed form from your customer? Use shareable links to digitalise your on-demand forms with no integration.

Bank authorisations
Consent forms
Service requests

eSign Online - Much more than e-signing

Automation wherever possible, better data accuracy, stronger compliance and enhanced employee and customer experience. Our mission is helping you work smarter and faster.

Scrive eSign Online is a quick and easy way to update and refresh your business. But more than that, it’s a solid first step to digitalisation – a reliable, efficient and secure solution to expand and grow your business.


Save time and control your processes by creating templates for your daily agreements workflows.

Structured data flows

Extract critical business data from your signed documents and populate your native systems.

Archiving options

Store and manage your signed documents in your Scrive E-archive, or auto-offboard them to your cloud storage of choice: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

World-class legal evidence

Detailed evidence is collected at every stage of the signing process and attached to the e-signed document, protecting you against any legal challenge.

Blockchain protected

Every document signed with Scrive is digitally sealed using blockchain technology to safeguard it against fraud and forgery, now and for the future. Verify your documents independent on Scrive.

The eSign Online portal –
Take a step towards digitalisation

Upgrading to eSign Online is a simple and effective way to modernise your business. You’ll instantly notice the convenience, efficiency and appreciation from clients and business partners.

But getting your documents signed is only the first step. eSign is full of features for automating and customising your esign agreement processes.

  1. Templates
    Reduce document preparation time and get more control over your processes.
  2. Branding
    Add your logo, colors and messaging to brand your e-sign experience.
  3. Bulk send
    Simply upload your mailing list when you need many people to sign the same document.

With eSign Online, your first step towards digitalisation is just a few clicks away.


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