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Getting to yes is a delicate dance. There will almost always be missteps, but getting the signature should never be one of them. Shorten sales cycles, drive conversion and enhance customer experience by fully digitalising the contract process with electronic signatures and identity verification.

Award-winning sales tool

Scrive was named Best B2B Sales Tool Vendor of the Year at the 2019 ProSales Institute Sales Awards, which highlights role models and ambassadors of modern sales and marketing work. Scrive’s solution for agreement workflow automation, powered by electronic signing and identity verification, has been driving success in sales organisations of all sizes for almost 10 years.

Shorten sales cycles

Accelerate the overall acquisition process through automation and transparency. Scrive provides customised digitalisation for a number of core processes, starting with contract generation, through to the signed contract, then taking full advantage of the intact data stream to optimise operations and work smarter. Automate complex processes requiring several signatures and approvals, as well as steps like credit rating and right-to-sign checks.


Send and sign agreements from
anywhere, on any device

Track and monitor
Track and monitor

Routing, approvals, reminders –
automate the entire lifecycle

Data quality
Data quality

Export data directly from your
agreements into your systems

100% digital process gives you control, flexibility and visibility

Get greater control over the contract process by knowing the status at each stage: who has received and viewed it, who has opened it, received it, viewed it, who has signed and who still needs to sign or approve.

E-sign contracts on any device. Close the deal in person, remotely or online as part of a self-service process.

Extract contract data and make it immediately available in all your channels and core systems, including sales, customer service and marketing. Access to this data improves pipeline and opportunity management, provides revenue assurance and drives forecasting accuracy so you make better strategic decisions, faster.


Secure and legally binding

Get added security with Scrive’s integrated electronic identity verification services to make sure the right person is signing. Identity checks, registry look-ups and all other signing data are entered into the legal evidence package that is securely attached to each completed contract. Every document signed with Scrive is protected against tampering with a digital seal using blockchain technology.


Scrive for CRM

✔ Close deals faster, securely and with less admin time

✔ Drive CRM adoption

✔ Take control of your contracts data

✔ Get all the Scrive eSign features right in your CRM account


Accelerate B2B onboarding

Activate new invoice customers in just 30 minutes and a few clicks with the Scrive Onboarding Portal. One self-service digital flow generates and executes the agreement on the spot:

  • company check
  • credit check
  • authorised signing party check
  • executes electronic signing workflow
Onboard faster

Shorten onboarding times from days or weeks to just 30 minutes. E-sign remotely, on any device.

Data quality

Keep your data stream intact, secure and error-free. Extract contract data to your core systems.


Eliminate all the manual steps and lead times for both you and your customers.


Store all documents digitally and securely. Eliminate costly manual errors and delays.

Sales velocity

“Four metrics every salesperson should focus on are: opportunity value, conversion rate, sales cycle and funnel size”, explains Robin Lycka, Scrive’s Country Manager for Norway. “Together these make up your sales velocity. Scrive as a B2B sales tool has a proven track record for helping our customers increase conversion rates and shorten sales cycles. So if you want to increase sales velocity, start with these!


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