Accelerating sales with Scrive for Upsales

Scrive is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the eSign app for Upsales, featuring 1-click contract generation, making it even easier to shorten sales cycles and drive customer experience.

Upsales users drive conversion rates by e-signing sales contracts and other agreements from their Upsales account using Scrive’s award-winning sales enablement tool. The release of the Scrive 2.0 app means another big leap in productivity.

What’s new?

Scrive 2.0 for Upsales features a cleaner, more intuitive UI and support for docx files. The biggest advance of all, however, is one-click contract generation.

When it’s time to close the deal, all the relevant Upsales data imports right into the Scrive contract template, and it’s ready for signing. The Scrive template builder makes it easy to map contract template fields to almost any field in Upsales.

“The new version of the integration to Upsales enables our joint customers to use newly-added Scrive functions and in the long run simplify access to future functions”, says Patrick Söder, Head of Team Integrations. “Scrive and Upsales have had a long-term collaboration, and I look forward to continuing this journey together.”

Automation and security

The Scrive app lets Upsales users initiate, track and monitor agreement signing processes from multiple Upsales entities. Users can send, sign and manage documents wherever they are, on any device. Scrive’s integrated eID options make it easy to securely verify the identity of signing parties to ensure only authorised people can view and sign documents.

Scrive’s industry-leading legal evidence package (a detailed event log) is securely attached to each completed contract. And every document is protected against alteration or tampering by blockchain technology.


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