Bluem-Scrive Partnership Expands Digital Identity in Europe

Scrive, Nordic e-sign leader and eID provider, and Bluem, the Dutch payment and identity service provider, will cooperate in a new partnership. The collaboration means that customers can now quickly sign contracts online, with the identity of the signees verified via iDIN.

Bluem’s digital identity offering, the iDIN eID, is now integrated into Scrive’s services in the Netherlands, and Scrive’s eSign service is integrated into the Bluem platform. The partnership will extend the reach of Bluem’s iDIN offering and at the same time help Scrive expand further into the European market. The first customer to take advantage of the joint offering is a leading brand in the Dutch automotive market.

Bluem’s customers can now electronically sign mandates, contracts and other payment documents directly from the payment platform. And with iDIN now integrated into Scrive’s eSign service, Scrive’s document signatories in the Netherlands can securely authenticate themselves in the signing process. Scrive’s customers can also integrate iDIN into their own services through the Scrive eID Hub, a single-point of access to Scrive’s growing suite of eIDs for the European market.

Scrive’s strong presence in the car finance industry means greater reach and visibility for both Bluem and Scrive. Bluem is an Amersfoort-based payment and identity provider that offers all the services needed to get payments done faster, get better direct mandates, record the identity of persons, get contracts signed, perform Know-your-customer (KYC) checks and avoid IBAN fraud. Scrive, headquartered in Stockholm, offers end-to-end workflow solutions for agreements lifecycles such as contracts and customer onboarding processes.

Scrive and Bluem both provide regulated businesses with digital identity and electronic signatures solutions for a wide variety of transactions. Electronic signatures and identity verification are increasingly important to many industries, in particular for banks, financial service providers, insurance companies and HR providers.

“Partnering with Scrive is right in line with our philosophy: “to make doing business online fast, efficient, easy and secure” says Bluem CEO Rieko Kester. “Bluem and Scrive are a natural fit. And the market for e-signing in combination with strong identity authentication is growing fast. With this joint premium offering, Bluem and Scrive are bound to take a major share of it.”

“We’re very pleased to have a partner that shares our values of security and data privacy,” says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede. “Bluem’s commitment in this regard is very important to our customers, many of whom operate in highly-regulated industries like banking and finance, automotive, HR and telecom. Partnering with Bluem marks a big step in our European expansion, being our first entry into the Dutch digital identity market.”