Digital solutions to transform telecoms

Customer satisfaction is notoriously low in the struggling telecom industry, making loyalty hard to come by. Mobile subscribers are a particularly fickle segment, which should come as no surprise as data services become increasingly commoditised.

But it’s not impossible to win loyalty, and the way to do it is through digital initiatives that enhance the customer experience. In the digital age, the retail phone shop remains an important customer touchpoint. And it’s key to note that today’s consumer expectations of the physical store are strongly influenced by the online shopping experience.

Nothing says “not digital” like paper, so when it comes to improving the in-store experience, the paper sales agreement is low-hanging fruit. That’s why the paperless contract, powered by electronic signatures, is one digital solution currently gaining traction among telecoms.

Signing a paperless contract on an in-store tablet, or even on the customer’s own mobile, makes for a vastly better customer experience. And with a digital workflow in place to facilitate e-signing, it’s possible to integrate other processes like KYC checks and GDPR consent.

Learn more about the benefits of e-signing and how telecoms can plan for digital transformation.

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