E-sign automation powers B2B sales

Scrive has just been nominated for Best B2B Sales Tool Vendor at the ProSales Institute’s Sales Awards later this month. We’re honored to be in the company of the two other finalists: Cinode and Goava.

You might wonder how e-signing can make such a big difference for a sales organisation. Bridging the final gap to 100% paperless operations, in this case by fully digitalising the contract process with electronic signatures and identification, has obvious benefits. But what’s the bigger story?

Today we hear from Scrive’s CEO Viktor Wrede and Chief Revenue Officer Niklas Fehrm.

“Our customers in the B2B sales segment use our platform to shorten their sales cycles and accelerate the overall acquisition process through automation and transparency”, Niklas Fehrm explains.

“First, you get greater control over the contract process by knowing the status at each stage: who has received and viewed it, who has signed it, and who still needs to sign or approve it. For more complex on-boarding processes requiring several signatures and approvals, as well as steps like credit rating and right-to-sign checks, we can automate a complex series of steps: as each signature, approval, and check is obtained, it triggers the next step.”

“In addition to control, you get flexibility”, CEO Viktor Wrede fills in. “You can e-sign contracts in person, remotely, or online as part of a self-service process. And you get added security with our integrated electronic identity verification services to make sure the right person is signing. Identity checks, registry look-ups and all other signing data are then entered into the legal evidence package that is securely attached to each completed contract.”

“Once you have the signed contract, it’s far from over. Eliminating manual processes is one thing, but you also get instant access to accurate sales data. That’s where integrating Scrive with your native systems unlocks value across your organisation.”

Niklas Fehrm describes how: “With a 100% digital process in place, you can extract the contract data and make it immediately available in all your channels and core systems, including sales, customer service and marketing. Access to this data improves pipeline and opportunity management, provides revenue assurance and drives forecasting accuracy so you make better strategic decisions, faster. Internal stakeholders are more informed and empowered, and you get a better customer experience. At the end of the day, everyone has more time and energy to do what they do best.”

Fehrm sums it up: “We’re providing customisation for a number of core processes, starting with contract generation, through to the signed contract, and then taking full advantage of the intact data stream to optimise operations and work smarter.”

Driving B2B sales is just one area where Scrive continues to fulfill its mission of improving businesses through better customer experience and data quality. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Sales Awards winners at the Gala following The Sales Conference on November 19 in Stockholm.