Scrive completes the Impact Challenge!

Thanks Breakit for the great initiative #Impactchallenge!

The past 30 days have been intense, we have been challenged to review our climate impact and try to identify where it could excel and decrease the negative impact caused by old structure and embedded behavior.

Sometimes you need someone kickstarting and intensifying your ambition to become more climate-conscious.

Read more about the challenge here:

Setting up a project group

We knew from start that we wanted to take this challenge seriously and involve the whole team. To ensure involvement from the whole organization we put together a #ImpactTeam consisting of members representing all different departments.

Ali Altaie, CFO, coordinating the team

Felicia von Schreeb, Customer Success

Johan Holmberg, Operations

Jonatan Jansson, Marketing

Love Marklund, Integration Support

Karin Nyman, Support

Henrik Sommarland, Development

The Challenges

Below are a couple of the changes we have decided to implement

1. Climate-friendly transportation

Challenge the need of the physical meeting

Use a bicycle instead of a taxi for transport within the city (We will invest in bicycles)

2. Sustainable workplace

We changed our electricity provider to a climate friendly option, certified with “Bra miljöval”

We are moving office soon and will make sure to the proper sorting

3. Green suppliers

We decided to always take environmental impact as a key aspect when choosing a supplier.

4. Sustainable business model

See key takeaways below

5. Climate compensation

We decided to join the GoClimateNeutral Foundation

Key takeaways

Our carbon footprint

Thanks to the cooperation with GoClimateNeutral we got a good overview of our carbon footprint. We knew that our travel would score high, when we are scaling the business and at the same time expanding our operations throughout Europe by setting up physical presence, it would be inevitable to travel.

Another takeaway is that when expanding the team, the investments we make in hardware is a big polluter. We realize that we need to be even more cautious with our inventory and try to decrease our spending on new hardware.

We decided at a management meeting that we will financially compensate through GoClimateNetural foundation.

Scrive for the Environment

One of the challenges from Breakit related to sustainable business models, for us at Scrive this is at the core of our business. We are not only bringing digital solutions making our customer kick-ass, we are also helping our customers to eliminate a negative impact on the environment by excluding the paper and by that help save the forest.

Last year we released a blog post about achieving 10 million signed documents during our almost 8 years in business. The last year we’ve grown rapidly and have as of today processed more than 30 million documents.

Assuming a contract on average contains 5 pages, and not being printed, we have saved up to 3.000 ton of wood, almost 900.000kg CO2.

We will continue on the path of last year by planting 500 trees together with Vi Agroforestry (Vi-skogen) in East Africa to both promote environmental sustainability and fight poverty.

Again, thank you Breakit for the initiative and we look forward to the upcoming challenges!

Viktor Wrede

CEO at Scrive