Scrive partners with CRM-service to drive sales automation

Scrive integration to CRM service

The integration of the Scrive electronic signature service into CRM-service’s cloud-based CRM platform enables users to electronically sign and manage documents directly from their native workspace.


Stockholm, November 6 2020

Scrive today announced a partnership with CRM-service, the Finnish cloud-based CRM provider, to allow CRM-service users to launch and monitor e-signing workflows using the Scrive eSign service from any card in the CRM-service UI.

Closing deals by e-signing from within the CRM-service sales platform provides greater visibility into revenue processes. It also reduces manual tasks and eliminates data errors. Customers can sign sales agreements on any device, wherever they are, and sales teams can track and monitor every stage of the signing process.

“The main reason we chose Scrive as our partner is that Scrive is a Nordic company with modern blockchain technology to ensure our customer’s security”, says CRM-service founder Mikko Korpela. “Scalability of the different features was another key reason for our decision. We are looking forward to our partnership with the aim of together providing the best possible e-sign processes for our customers.”

“This integration into CRM-service really highlights Scrive’s value as a sales enablement tool”, says Scrive Partner Manager Mathias Björlin. “Sales teams can take more control over their processes when they run the entire sales funnel through the CRM-service platform. This means shorter sales cycles, higher win rates, better customer experience and vastly improved data quality. Keeping the data stream intact means instant access to valuable sales data, leading to improved forecasting and pipeline management.”


About Scrive
A leader in digitalisation since 2010, Scrive’s cloud-based platform provides agreement lifecycle automation powered by electronic signatures and identification solutions. More than 3000 customers worldwide rely on Scrive to sign agreements with and identify their own customers and partners, driving security, compliance, data quality and customer experience. Scrive is headquartered in Stockholm and has over 100 employees.


About CRM-service
Founded in 2007 with the mission of “Changing the World of CRM”, CRM-service specialises in cloud-based CRM software and services such as contact center tools and various portals. CRM-service creates success for its customers by providing the most customer-oriented solutions along with first-class customer service. Based in Finland, the company is privately owned, with two offices in Finland and one in Stockholm.



Lilli Mustajärvi, Partner and Marketing Manager: [email protected]

Mathias Björlin, Partner Manager: [email protected]