Transforming real estate operations

Building relationships, research and lots of footwork lie at the core of any property business. A finalised written agreement – the fourth pillar – is the fruition of all that groundwork.

Drafting, signing and managing all those agreements is no small matter, and real estate consultant Bente Naver, based near Copenhagen, knows this as well as anyone. 

Arranging the time and place to sign paper documents can be a time-consuming step, and a more challenging one in these times when many are trying to minimise the frequency of in-person customer meetings. Even in the best of times, the storage and management of all these valuable documents means time and cost.

Meeting these challenges with secure, convenient digital solutions is at the core of what Scrive does.

“Scrive has contributed to time and cost savings for my daily work.”
Bente Naver, Real estate consultant

A quick case study

Integrating Scrive agreements solutions into the daily operations of Bente Naver Ejendomsrådgivning has brought a big shift, not only in terms of time and cost savings but in customer satisfaction. 

Now clients can electronically sign agreements at their convenience, wherever they are, on any device. No extra meetings, no paper, no printing and scanning. Just a few clicks to close a deal.

Creating legally-binding agreements in a digital environment requires trust from both sides, and one way Scrive helps build that trust is with integrated electronic identification (eID). To ensure only authorised people can access and sign an agreement, clients can securely identify themselves right within the e-signing process using NemID (soon to be MitID) or any of the many eIDs Scrive supports.

What’s changed?

Through automating agreements processes with Scrive, Bente Naver Ejendomsrådgivning is saving time and money every day, and customers have expressed enthusiasm for the convenience of being able to sign documents and identify themselves remotely.

There’s no digital substitute for building personal relationships, nor for the research and often thankless footwork that goes into a deal, but when it’s time to close, making that last important step seamless, fast and easy is where Scrive brings value to both agent and client.

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