Winning the loyalty of mobile subscribers

The push for digital transformation applies across all industries, but “telecom companies have an especially strong need to transform”, according to a 2018 Boston Consulting Group report.


The current industry downturn is aggravated by the difficulty of winning customer loyalty, particularly among mobile subscribers. Low customer satisfaction is rampant, and recent studies strongly indicate the way to reverse the trend is by offering digital services that enhance the customer experience.

A Capgemini study finds that “mobile operators enjoy a high NPS when consumers perceive that they use digital technologies” for purchasing and support.

Digitalisation is driving consumer expectations of the in-store experience, in all industries: we want the brick-and-mortar store to function more like an e-commerce site. When it comes to digitalising the customer experience, the retail phone shop might seem an unlikely starting point. But the store isn’t going away any time soon, and is actually ripe with opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

See the white paper for the full story.

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