Integrated e-signing in Aditro People.




Aditro is a leader in HR and payroll solutions in the Nordics, offering intuitive services designed with people, not just technology, in mind. Aditro creates solutions for people in the real world who work everywhere, anywhere, anytime and on any device. The goal? Hard results: savings, efficiency, accuracy, compliance.

Scrive for Aditro

Scrive eSign is integrated into Aditro People, the base of their HR solution. People is an HR master data module, designed to efficiently manage your people and organizational data. By adding the Scrive extension module to People, you can complete agreement signing processes 100% digitally, all within the Aditro platform.

Seamless e-signing

Reduce turnaround times, eliminate manual tasks and drive better data accuracy when you send your documents for e-signing directly from Aditro People. No paper, no need to switch to another software tool to get it signed. Scrive handles the entire signing process, inviting the parties to sign the document, collecting the signatures, digitally archiving the signed agreement and distributing copies to everyone involved. Lowered administration workload means your people can focus on value-creating activities.

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Identity verification

Making sure only the intended people can view and sign your documents brings peace of mind and drives compliance. That’s why Scrive offers multiple methods of electronically verifying the identity of your signing parties. They can do this as a seamless step right within the signing flow for minimal inconvenience and greater confidence in the process. PIN by SMS provides a simple method of two-factor authentication, and Scrive also offers electronic identity (eID) methods like Swedish BankID, with coverage throughout the Nordics and beyond.

Future proof your agreements

Scrive set the industry standard with the quality of legal evidence collected during the signing process. The Scrive evidence package is a detailed audit log that is securely attached to every completed document. In the event of a challenge to the validity of the signed agreement, you have a precise record of every step, like when the document was sent, who sent it, who received and signed it. Scrive also pioneered the use of blockchain technology to make it impossible to alter a document undetected, which you can always verify independently of Scrive.

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