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Controlkeeper was founded out of a pressing need: a more efficient, enterprise-wise approach to managing and monitoring all contracts, licenses and personal assets. The goal was to build a modern tool that is secure, easy to use, available everywhere and simple enough to integrate into daily operations. With many years of experience in cloud-based business solutions, Controlkeeper leveraged the new generation of web technology to create the kind of platform they saw was missing from the market, one they would want to use themselves.

Scrive for Controlkeeper

The integration of the Scrive eSign service into the Controlkeeper platform is a key element in automating the contract management lifecycle. The Scrive integration makes it possible to generate, send and electronically sign agreements directly from ControlKeeper. It also enables entering new contracts into the ControlKeeper system when they are signed with Scrive.

Contract renewal automation

When a contract is up for renewal, the Scrive workflow engine pulls Controlkeeper data necessary for launching and executing the signing process, such as the names and email addresses of the authorised signing parties. Once all parties have signed, Scrive then archives the signed contract in the originating record within Controlkeeper.

Intelligent importing

Auto import contracts that are not yet managed in Controlkeeper when signing with Scrive, either from Scrive’s own platform or with any of Scrive’s third-party integrations. At the conclusion of the signing process, Scrive sends the contract to Controlkeeper for continuous management going forward.

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Templates and data sharing

Scrive and ControlKeeper signing templates work together to save time and manual tasks and eliminate data errors. To facilitate your workflow, all dynamic content in Scrive templates can be synchronized with any contract metadata in ControlKeeper. This means that Scrive contract forms can be automatically populated from ControlKeeper before the signing process has begun, and, once the contract is signed, relevant contract data can be pushed to ControlKeeper.

Integrated signer authentication

Authenticate your signing parties to ensure only authorised people can view, sign and access the contract. Use PIN by SMS, or for stronger security, integrated eID such as Swedish BankID. Other supported eIDs include Norwegian BankID, NemID/MitID (Denmark), Finnish Trust Network, itsme (Belgium), Verimi (Germany) and iDIN (Netherlands). For global coverage, use Onfido for identity document verification.

Secure and legally binding

Scrive set the standard for the quality of legal evidence that is collected during the signing process and saved with each document. Scrive was also the first e-sign vendor to implement blockchain technology as a method of digitally sealing each signed document to protect it against tampering and forgery. The Scrive evidence package and digital seal means the holder of the document can independently verify its authenticity now and for the future.

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