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Upsales was founded as a Software-as-a-Service company in 2003. Today, they help more than 2000 customers in 10 different countries grow their business by providing a CRM solution that helps generate more leads, drive effective sales processes and seize upselling opportunities from existing clients. Whether you are a fast-growing global organisation or start-up, Upsales helps you to maximise your sales process, find new clients and manage existing client relationships. Their vision is “Enabling sales & marketing greatness in B2B organisations”.

Scrive for Upsales

With the Scrive eSign app, you can sign contracts and other documents straight from your Upsales CRM. With a few simple clicks, Scrive lets you improve your sales cycles, have better visibility over your deals and keep your customers happy. Start, track and monitor e-signing processes from anywhere and any device. With Scrive and Upsales, you have more time to focus on closing deals instead of worrying about admin work.

Any device, anywhere

No need to worry about posting your contracts half-way around the world. With Scrive’s e-signing solution all you need is a handful of clicks and your contract will be with your customer and ready to sign in an instant. Whether you are on your phone, tablet, laptop or are standing right in front of your customer, Upsales’ Scrive integration lets you send your documents for e-signing from anywhere to anywhere.

Increase your ROI

The ability to monitor and track your sales contracts at every stage of the signing process will not only make your sales teams’ lives easier, it will also increase their win rates. With little to no admin tasks, your teams can focus on the customers and their needs. Once your templates are set up, you can simply click your way to an error-free document that is also secured against unauthorised alterations.

Improve your customers’ experience

Build a strong relationship with your customers from the get-go by being able to offer them an all-encompassing tailored experience with Upsales, including an easy and intuitive e-signing process through Scrive’s eSign application. Never again have your customer worry about printing or posting documents; save them and yourself valuable money and time. After the e-signing is completed, each party will be sent their own signed copy.

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Securely authenticate with eID

Ensure the right documents are seen and signed by the right people with integrated eID authentication. Protect not only your privacy but also your customers’ by establishing a high security standard with identification included in Scrive’s solution, covering eIDs used in the Nordics, in a growing number of European countries and also global ID verification with Onfido.

Legally secure and binding

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, every document e-signed with Scrive gets a legal evidence package attached to it, serving as a digital seal to protect your documents against manipulation, which can be verified independently from Scrive. This high level of security makes sure that your document will hold up in any court of law.

Paper-free work environment

Not only will you save time and money by e-signing contracts with Scrive, but also desks and offices will be less cluttered, and a clean and tidy work environment will give your sales teams the freedom they need to focus on closing deals.

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