Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

A. Definitions

“Integration” means all such solutions where specific business support system(s) (e.g. CRM or e-archive software) of Licensee interoperate with Scrive eSign. “Modification” means a planned modification of Scrive eSign that is known to, or may be reasonably assumed to, affect an Integration. “Problem” means a situation related to Scrive eSign that impacts the operation of Licensee’s business process in such way that Licensee does not receive what Licensee is entitled to according to the valid licence conditions. The definition does not include any such issues affecting Scrive eSign that result from changes to, and new installations of, third party software, hardware or services made by Licensee after its launch of Scrive eSign. “Support Desk” means Scrive’s support organisation responsible for executing the Support Services. “Support Request” means a request for assistance in relation to a Problem made by Licensee in accordance with the procedure set out herein. A valid Support Request shall include contact details of the requester. “Update” means a minor enhancement of Scrive eSign that may include; general software corrections, performance enhancements, hot fixes or support for a new release of a browser. “Upgrade” means a major upgrade of Scrive eSign that may include; new or adjusted functionality, performance enhancements, API-changes or support for a new browser.


B. Software Updates and Upgrades

Scrive undertakes to continuously provide and implement Updates and Upgrades of Scrive eSign. Updates and Upgrades may from time to time include Modifications. 

In the event of Modifications, Scrive shall give Licensee timely and meaningful notice to test changes to Scrive eSign and Licensee shall promptly notify Scrive of when testing shall be initiated. Licensee shall have one (1) month to test Modifications to Scrive eSign.

Any problem identified during such testing that cannot be reasonably resolved by Licensee itself, shall be promptly reported to Scrive for resolution following the procedures of this SLA. If a problem is related to Licensee’s business support system(s), Scrive shall provide reasonable assistance to help Licensee find and implement a resolution. To avoid of doubt; the liquidated damages set forth in section E. below do not apply under these circumstances.


C. Availability and service windows

Warranted system availability is 99.8% per quarter (planned downtime excluded). Service window is Saturdays between 07.00-09.00 AM CET/CEST


D. Standard Support Services

When experiencing a Problem, Licensee may submit a Support Request to the Support Desk. A Support Request must contain all details necessary for Scrive to assess and resolve the Problem. Scrive will provide support to Licensee only and shall have no support obligations towards third parties including Licensee’s customers or trading partners. 

The Support Desk can be contacted as described below. Any Problems that are initially reported by telephone shall nevertheless be forwarded by e-mail in order to be acknowledged as a Support Request.

Support Desk Contact Details

Support Email Address [email protected]
Support Telephone Number +46 8 557 66 167

Response Types
When a Support Request reaches the Support Desk, it is managed through a procedure with response types as defined below:

1.Acknowledge Support Desk communicates to the requester by e-mail that it has received the request, and a ticket-ID is assigned to the support request.
2.Follow-up Support Desk communicates to the requester that the request has been assigned to a service representative.
3.Confirm The assigned service representative communicates by e-mail to the requester; (i) that the Support Request is reviewed and a course of action for resolution is determined, (ii) the severity type, as assigned in accordance herewith, and (iii) when possible, a time estimate for when the Problem is resolved.
4.Resolve The service representative communicates per e-mail that the Problem has been resolved and any relevant details of the issue.

Severity Types
The following severity types are assigned by the Support Desk:

Severity 3 Other Problems
Severity 2 Problems that impact the operation of the business process or application, but that do not affect the continued operation of the system. Example of Severity 2: Service suffers from decreased performance, but continues to operate.
Severity 1 Problems that have rendered the entire business process or application inoperable. Example of Severity 1: Service is inoperable due to a Problem.


Support Time Measurements
The Support Desk is available within Office Hours as per the below:

National Holidays New Years Day (January 1), Good Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Day, Easter Monday, Ascension Day (the fortieth day from Easter), Christmas Eve (December 24), Christmas Day (December 25), Boxing Day (December 26) are treated as National Holidays. Swedish calendar applies.
Office Hours 08.00 AM-17.00 PM CET/CEST Monday to Friday, except on National Holidays.


Receipt of Support Requests
Support Requests can be submitted and received during Office Hours via the Support Email Address. Support Requests submitted by e-mail to the Support Desk outside of Office Hours will automatically be deemed received by the Support Desk at 08.00 AM CET/CEST on the next coming working day.

Response Times
The following response times (counted in Office Hours), shall apply. The response time for the acknowledgement is measured from the moment the initial Support Request was received (by e-mail) by the Support Desk as per the conditions above. All other response times are measured as from the acknowledgement.

Severity Type Acknowledge Follow-up Confirm Resolve
Severity 3 15 minutes 1 hour 32 hours 64 hours
Severity 2 15 minutes 1 hour 8 hours 16 hours
Severity 1 15 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 2 hours


Activation of Support Severity 1 and 2

The time to resolve a Problem severity 1 or 2 starts either when the Support Desk acknowledges the request for such support and in that acknowledgement confirms the Severity Type or, if such an acknowledgement is not provided in accordance with the response times set forth above and provided the requester has made one good-faith effort to re-contact the Support Desk, the time starts. 


E. Liquidated Damages 

If a Problem has not been resolved within the applicable response time for resolve as set out in section D. above, Scrive shall compensate Licensee by means of reduction, as specified in the table below in this section, of the applicable monthly License Fees for Scrive eSign and the monthly fee for any ordered Extended Support Services (if ordered). Such fee reduction shall be Scrive’s sole and exclusive remedy, and neither Licensee nor any of its customers or counter-parts shall be entitled to receive damages or any other remedy otherwise available to either party.

Liquidated Damages expressed as a percentage reduction of the total monthly License Fees for Scrive eSign and monthly fees for Extended Support Services for the month
Severity 2: 5% per initiated 1h
Severity 1: 15% per initiated 1h


F. Problems caused by Licensee 

Scrive may charge Licensee for work performed as a result of a problem caused by Licensee. 


G. Modifications of this SLA

The Terms & Conditions for Online Agreement Documents, as stated on http://www.scrive.com/terms/oad/ shall apply without limitation to this SLA.