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The Hertz Corporation is the world’s largest car rental company, handling more than 30 million rentals worldwide with approximately 6,500 locations in more than 140 countries and a fleet of 550,000 vehicles.


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Digital rental agreements

As one of the leading brands in the world of car rentals, Hertz felt a need to keep up with the digital transformation trends they had seen over the past several years in their industry. From going paperless to offering a smoother and quicker customer experience, IT Project Manager Fernanda Menezes Caetano saw a huge opportunity in partnering with Scrive.

The reason we chose Scrive was because they already had everything we needed and everything that we wanted to add to it, they were more than happy to help us out.
Fernanda Menezes Caetano

On top of achieving their goal of getting customers behind the wheel, ready to explore Iceland, quicker than ever before, Hertz have managed to save over 3 million ISK per year in paper cost alone by switching to eSign! Considering the amount of innovation on the horizon in the rental industry, the next few years are likely to be an exciting time for the partnership between Hertz and Scrive.


From signing to driving in record time

agreements signed per year

Hertz signs about 60.000 agreements annually.

ISK saved in paper cost

By going from paper to electronic signatures, Hertz Iceland saves over 3 million Icelandic kronur per year on paper alone!

“With Scrive we improved our customer experience, now we don't have frustrated customers waiting in line. It's simple, easy and quick. They sign, we give them the key and they are as soon as possible behind the wheel, ready to explore Iceland.”

Fernanda Menezes Caetano - IT Project Manager

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