eSign Data

Simplify compliance and improve customer experience with data lookups built into your agreement journeys.

Streamline Know Your Customer/Business (KYC/KYB) processes
Validate required signatories of your B2B customers
Auto-populate agreements with valid data, ready for signing

We support Swedish data lookups and are adding more countries continuously.


Know Your Customer/Know Your Business

Automating your KYC and KYB processes with Scrive vastly reduces your compliance admin and improves customer experience.

Streamline compliance

Eliminate manual data retrieval and validation

Instant checks

For beneficial owners, PEP, required signatories and more

Customer experience

Minimise data entry during onboarding

Reduce errors and admin

Auto-populate and sign agreements

Watch automated KYC/KYB in action


Required signatories

Prevent fraud and streamline your B2B onboarding and customer relationships by instantly validating who in the company is authorised to sign your agreements, including the required signing combinations.

Pre-sign data enrichment

What data do you need to retrieve and validate before someone can sign an agreement with your organisation? eSign Data automates the import of publicly-available data, such as business registries, as an integrated part of your agreement signing processes.


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