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Learn about the legal durability of Scrive documents, our unique digital sealing method, blockchain security and more.


Scrive is compliant with all major e-signature and data privacy laws, including eIDAS, GDPR, ESIGN and UETA.


Scrive values security and privacy in all our data operations. When you send, sign and archive documents with Scrive, you’re safe at every step: all data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

All data in transit, i.e., between and the user’s web browser, is protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security). Each signed document stored in your Scrive E-archive is encrypted with its own unique encryption key, meaning only you, the authorised Scrive account user, can access and view it.

Legal validity

Documents signed with Scrive conform to global contract law and are enforceable in the courts. To help you minimise your business risk, every document signed with Scrive has:

  • a comprehensive evidence package with a detailed audit trail
  • a tamper-proof digital seal that can be verified independently of Scrive

Data protection

Scrive takes GDPR compliance very seriously, which is why we develop solutions that facilitate your own compliance, in particular through measures which meet the principles of data protection by design and by default.

Are e-signatures legally binding?

It’s actually three questions in one, and not all of them are legal questions. Trade law professor Christina Ramberg helps us understand in a series of short videos:

  • What makes a signature legal?
  • How can you prove the signer’s identity?
  • What evidence can you show later?

Legal evidence

Scrive set the world standard for the quality of legal evidence to accompany electronically-signed documents.

Document integrity and digital signatures

A digital signature seals the signed document to protect it against tampering.

Sealing and verifying a Scrive document

Scrive uses a unique method for tamper-proofing every signed document that allows you to independently verify its integrity in the future.

Blockchain for smart people*

(*Who feel like dummies when someone says blockchain)
Scrive was the first e-sign provider to use blockchain technology to protect document integrity.

Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)

QES is the highest level of electronic signature as defined by the eIDAS regulation. Scrive currently offers QES services in partnership with Swisscom and Verimi, both trust service provider as recognised by the EU.