Fully digitalised mobility service processes with Agile Solutions and Scrive

Agile Solutions partner of Scrive

Scrive is pleased to announce a new partnership with Agile Solutions, a provider of a holistic mobility solution in the Nordics. 

At Scrive we’ve spent over a decade helping car rental and mobility companies transform their business processes. First by going paperless, enabling electronic signatures and identity verification but now we’re looking to go from shortening queues to skipping them altogether!

Through this collaboration, Agile Solutions and Scrive are enabling keyless and contactless experiences where customers can quickly and securely get behind the wheel of their rental car without waiting, going through the necessary verification on their own mobile device. 

“The automotive industry is in the middle of a bit of a digital renaissance at the moment and the car rental industry is no exception”, says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede. “Contactless mobility service is the future and now is the time to adapt or be left behind.”

Agile Solutions provide multiple mobility services on one platform, providing full control and contactless experiences through the entire rental process. No keys, no waiting in line. Simply open the car with the app and drive away.



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