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As the first quad play provider in Malta, GO provide Mobile, Fixed Telephony, Internet and TV services to more than 500,000 subscribers.



Striving for a digital-first Malta

Reduction in paper use
pages of paper saved monthly

Making GO’s 40-50 page contracts digital means almost half a million pages of paper are saved every year!

“Luckily, we had launched the project about 3 months before the pandemic hit so we were agile enough to shift to remote signing very quickly, whilst improving the overall customer experience.”

Samantha Catania - System Lead Developer, GO

GO is Malta’s leading communications services company. As the first quad play provider in Malta, they provide Mobile, Fixed Telephony, Internet and TV services to more than 500,000 subscribers. GO also provides services to the Maltese business community, including Cloud Services, roaming services, data networking solutions, business IP services, and managed services.

As a leading telecommunications provider, between residential and business customers, employees, and multiple suppliers, GO handles a large number of contracts every day. Considering that some of their contracts tend to be 40 to 50 pages long, one can imagine the amount of paper consumption this entails!

Before even selling 10 GO Services, a whole pack of printer paper would have been consumed. Considering that our purpose is to drive a digital Malta where no one is left behind, with environmental sustainability as one of our key strategic pillars, reducing our paper usage was one of the first goals to become a more environmentally conscious company. This was the motivation behind looking into the Scrive solution.
says Jean-Claude Pace, Manager of Support and Maintenance. 

The onset of the pandemic made the project even more significant. Needing to quickly adapt to severely reduced footfall in their retail stores, GO wanted to enable their customers to buy, or renew their services from the comfort of their home.

Challenges and compliance

Between the pandemic and huge amount of paper consumption, a third important catalyst in GO looking into digitalising their agreement process was compliance. Dealing with credit control and KYC regulations could be a major challenge before digitalisation. 

Previously, agents had to scan the signed contract, send it to another team that then had to upload it into GO’s document repository. This was a laborious, manual task. Using two factor authentication, verifying the identity of the signing party further aids GO’s compliance strategy as well.


Time for a change

GO also has a “GO Green” initiative which is aided by their digitalisation efforts. With the whole business looking to reduce their carbon footprint, going paperless and enabling remote sales makes a significant difference.  

Before, if someone made a purchase remotely, GO had to send a courier with the contract to collect the signature but now a courier is needed only when delivery of equipment is required. This naturally means greater operational efficiencies, cost savings, but more importantly, a more seamless experience for customers. 

When the time came to choose a solution, GO sent out an RFQ to a number of different vendors and Scrive happened to tick all their boxes. Scrive’s solution was compliant with all of their requirements and delivered the most value.

The solution - Scrive API

The setup process was simple and straightforward, largely thanks to clear API documentation and quick responses from Scrive’s support team. The main challenge faced came from the integration into legacy systems, a common obstacle usually faced in digitalisation projects within the telecommunication industry. 

Being able to optimise the solution exactly to their needs means that GO now has a fully digital solution for their customer agreements in both the B2B and B2C sides of the business, as well as employment contracts from the HR department and supplier contracts.

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Reduction in paper use.
pages of paper saved monthly

Making GO’s 40-50 page contracts digital means almost half a million pages of paper are saved every year!


Across the business, GO is now using 60% less paper per month on average when compared to what they were using before implementing Scrive. Consequently, less printers are required resulting in cost savings for the company and greater operational efficiency. 

When it comes to credit control, Scrive has been an immense help to GO as well. Previously, contracts were sometimes incorrectly filled in or not scanned properly, creating problems when the time came to find the signed agreement later. Now they are all archived automatically and easy to find when needed.


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