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New e-sign solution for the executive boardroom



Who is BetterBoard?

BetterBoard is a Danish SaaS company that develops and sells software to boards, associations and companies where security and confidentiality are a necessity. BetterBoard has two products, a board portal and a data room, both of which are professional cloud-based tools that require no installation or integration. 

With Scrive on board, BetterBoard has freed up internal resources to focus on its core business: delivering the most user-friendly board portal and data room on the market.

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Scalability and growth

Although BetterBoard had their own electronic signature solution, where they were responsible for maintenance, certificate management and updates, they saw a need to find a provider that could fulfil not only the requirements of their customers but also the ever-evolving regulatory landscape in Europe.

After looking at all the options on the market, BetterBoard had no doubts about choosing Scrive as their partner. Between the balanced technical and legal focus and the innovative use of blockchain to digitally seal signed agreements, Scrive was the obvious choice.

In addition, Scrive’s ability to accommodate BetterBoard’s international clientele and growth was especially attractive.

The final and deciding factor for choosing Scrive was their ability to customise the right solution for BetterBoard’s platforms. We are constantly evolving our board portal and data room, so it is important to have a partner that is willing and capable enough to meet our, as well as our customers’ needs.
Stefan Schelde Hansen, Founder

The criteria

Electronic signatures were not a novel concept for BetterBoard. They had already developed their own in-house signature solution but due to their increasing international expansion, BetterBoard needed a partner who could deliver eID solutions, as a counterpart to the Danish MitID, across a number of different countries.

In addition, it was important for BetterBoard to find a partner who could enable their users to differentiate between various signature options. As BetterBoard has many international users, there’s a clear need for board members to be able to sign with different authentication methods, including eIDs or pin by SMS, within the same document.

This saves a significant amount of time for all everyone involved, whether that’s board members or individuals involved in mergers and acquisitions, but also contributes to BetterBoard’s green initiatives by going paperless.

The security concerns

As BetterBoard’s customers require a high degree of security and confidentiality, it was important for them to choose a supplier that complies with EU standards for eDIAS signatures. With Scrive’s legal team so heavily involved in ensuring the technology adheres to this ever-changing regulatory landscape, BetterBoard’s leadership can count on their customers’ security requirements being met and exceeded by Scrive eSign..

The beginning of a new collaboration

BetterBoard was introduced to Scrive when they were trying to find a supplier that could not only provide the most value to their customers, but also be a close partner that could support BetterBoard’s ongoing growth. 

Because they were used to working with IT development and cloud-based solutions themselves, BetterBoard’s own developers found it easy to get started with Scrive have been in close dialogue with Scrive’s teams throughout the process, to ensure that the solution was adapted and implemented correctly.

The collaboration between BetterBoard and Scrive officially started on February 1, 2023, when BetterBoard launched a customised version of Scrive’s eSign API, for all BetterBoard users.


“Considering Scrive is the leading eSign provider in the Nordics, and is represented in 65 countries, they seemed like the absolute best choice for us.”
Stefan Schelde Hansen, Founder


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