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A public property management association with over 5 300 tenancies, Kalmarhem saw a huge opportunity in digitalisation.


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As the largest public property management association in Kalmar, with over 5 300 tenancies, Kalmarhem saw a huge opportunity in digitalisation.

With 1 800 new leases signed every year, streamlining processes and minimising administrative workload had the potential to change the business’ future for the better.

In the past, Kalmarhem’s contract process was very manual and slow, due in part to sending documents by post. Managing everything from properties built in the 18th century to modern solar-powered homes, the administration around leases and maintenance took a lot of time and effort from Kalmarhem’s staff.


It quickly became apparent that digitalisation was a necessary step for Kalmarhem to take in order to continue delivering the best possible service and experience to their clients as well as their staff.

When Kalmarhem approached Vitec as their property management system provider, during the discussions Kalmarhem mentioned a requirement to have the option of digitalising their contract management as well.

As an integration partner, Vitec brought Scrive to the table, and Kalmarhem quickly saw great potential in using Vitec and Scrive together.


Simplifying this workflow meant more time was freed up for Kalmarhem’s staff to focus on value-adding activities, reducing admin time by 75 percent!

The staff is also happier to focus on less repetitive tasks as well as contribute to a more environmentally friendly business by eliminating wasteful paper processes.

On top of speed and efficiency, the new process makes for a superior customer experience. To enhance security, tenants use BankID to authenticate themselves when signing their lease agreements, ensuring the contract is signed by the right person every time.


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