Legal evidence

Scrive set the world standard for the quality of legal evidence to accompany electronically-signed documents.

Scrive Evidence Package

The Scrive Evidence Package, which set the industry standard, is attached to every signed document. It is a detailed and, most importantly, complete collection of high-quality evidence encompassing every event in the document signing process, from the moment the author finishes preparing the document for signing until the final signed document is digitally sealed.

A timestamp with the date and precise time of day accompanies every event, providing an audit trail of the process. Depending on how you set up your signing workflow, the Evidence Package can be more extensive. Examples of additional evidence include the text of your custom message inviting the party to sign and an uploaded image of the signing party’s photo ID.

What makes a document signed with Scrive legally binding?

Scrive has developed a robust approach to meeting the key legal requirements for any signature, whether made on paper or executed electronically: intent, identity and integrity. For each document signed with Scrive, we collect and securely store all the evidence that demonstrates the signing process satisfied these requirements.

Intent, in fact, is the most fundamental aspect of making a contract legally binding. However, in the event of a dispute, you may need to be able to show more than intent. You may need access to evidence of signatory identity and integrity of the document. For each document signed with Scrive, we collect and secure all available evidence that demonstrates the signing process satisfied these requirements.


The signing party understands and accepts the terms being offered, and clearly expresses their intent to enter into the agreement. A screen capture of the signing view in the Scrive UI is just one piece of evidence we use to demonstrate intent.


The person who executes the electronic signature is actually the named signing party. The signing party’s email address is often proof enough. Nevertheless, the amount of business risk you want to assume is a factor to consider, or depending on the country, the law may require stronger forms of authentication for specified types of documents. Scrive offers a range of tools for authenticating the signatory’s identity, including PIN by SMS, eID and uploading photo ID.


In the event of a dispute, you can conclusively show that your document has not been altered, forged or tampered with in any way. Scrive seals each signed document with a digital signature that protects the integrity of the document, any attachments and the complete Evidence Package.


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