“Who needs to sign this?” – Sign forwarding makes it easy

Need a document signed but don’t have the email address of the authorised signer, or you aren’t sure who they are?

Send your Scrive document anyway, and enable forwarding so it gets to the right person!

Maybe you have the email address of someone you know in the organisation, and they know the right person. Or maybe you just have an organisational email address, like [email protected]

Here’s how it works

  1. For your signing party, use an address you know, and check Allow forwarding to say it’s OK for the recipient to send the document along to the authorised signing party.
  1. When the recipient opens to the document to sign, they get the option to forward it to the right person.
  1. To forward the document, they just need to enter to signer’s email address, and there’s a place to write an optional note.

Just like every other event in the signing process, details of the forwarding are captured and recorded in the evidence package.