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Hässelby Blommor

How does a century-old enterprise continue to keep pace in an increasingly competitive economy?


Customer service never goes out of style

How does a century-old enterprise continue to keep pace in an increasingly competitive economy?


Faster contracts process means on-time delivery

One way for a century-old business to stay competitive in the modern economy is through better customer service, which never goes out of style.

With over 1000 corporate customers in 6 different industries, Hässelby Blommor knows that first-class service must be a priority. “It’s important to have a fast process because we want to deliver to our customers,” explains CEO Erik Utas, “and we can’t deliver unless we have a signed contract.”

Looking at their processes, where were the opportunities for time savings?

The signing and returning of paper contracts stood out as a needless time drain, assuming electronic signatures could easily make that step obsolete.



Saving time while providing better service

Utas found exactly what he was looking for, right in Stockholm, when he came across Scrive’s e-signing solution.

“I discovered Scrive as a customer of companies who were already using Scrive, and I was really impressed by the smooth customer experience that Scrive provided. I was impressed by the simplicity and the interface and how easy it was, and I realized this is the future.”


Customer experience and process control

Utas didn’t hesitate to give his own customers the same experience that so impressed him—along with faster deliveries. And the win was on both sides: When Hässelby Blommor started signing with Scrive, administration time for customer contracts went from hours to seconds.

“Scrive has given us better control of the whole signing process. For example, we can be certain that a contract is sent to the right person and we also know if he or she has opened it. If we receive no response, an automated email is sent out as a reminder. It’s truly brilliant, and it saves us a lot of time.”

The eSign difference

Customer experience
Customer experience

A modern e-signing experience and faster deliveries to stay competitive

Operational efficiency
Operational efficiency

Administration time for customer contracts went from hours to seconds

Process control
Process control

Certainty the contract goes to the right signing party and tracking every step


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