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Telecom retail store digitalisation without integration


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To improve customer experience and reduce fraud

Telenor’s store network runs on a franchise model. Having store operations run by multiple companies posed a major customer support challenge.

Telenor’s internal customer service is centralised, but with no central document repository, each store was responsible for its own contracts. Resolving a customer issue, therefore, meant contacting the individual store.

The paper contracts were stored in either warehouses or within the stores. Locating an older contract sometimes required a salesperson to travel by car to a storage facility, and even these costly measures didn’t guarantee success, as paper contracts can simply get lost.

Too often, the result was lost customers and huge churn costs. A related problem was that fraud cases were resolved very slowly, again leading to increased work and customer dissatisfaction and loss.


Telenor challenges

Support and fraud
Support and fraud

Slow case resolution due to decentralised documents


Lost customers and huge churn costs

Multiple systems
Multiple systems

Documents for sales, insurance, service and finance


Many systems, one solution

Telenor quickly established that Scrive GO was the solution they needed. As with most European telecom retailers, they need to sign documents generated by their internal systems as well as several different partner systems—for insurance, service, and finance agreements.

Because Scrive GO is system-agnostic, Telenor was able to digitalise 100% of their document processes without any integration.

Scrive provided a rollout portal that made implementation a simple self-service process. The hardware sent out to the stores came with a link for installing Scrive GO on each point-of-sale device, along with a how-to video for using the solution. Scrive’s E-archive meant that Telenor instantly had a central repository for their millions of documents, for years to come.


Instant adoption, expansion

Scrive GO’s ease of use meant instant adoption across Telenor’s stores. And instant results.

  • Store managers and owners stopped worrying about lost contracts worth hundreds of euros and started focusing more on what they do best: sales.
  • Customer service agents are resolving more issues on the first call, thanks to instant access to all relevant information.
  • The fraud department can now find contracts that were once impossible to locate. Thanks to the Scrive GO data extraction technology, documents are indexed with all relevant data.

The success of implementing e-signing in the Norway stores spread quickly within the Telenor Group, to other departments in Norway and beyond.

Shortly thereafter, they moved forward with e-signing in both their store network and customer service centres across Sweden, with more countries to follow.

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The Scrive GO difference

Customer service
Customer service

Higher first-call resolution rates with instant access to customer data

Fraud resolution
Fraud resolution

Faster case resolution with automated document indexing

Customer loyalty
Customer loyalty

Fewer lost customers and lower churn costs


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