NemID, Denmark’s most widely-used digital ID, is being replaced by MitID during 2021-22.


Digital ID for Denmark

Launched in 2010, NemID has been the primary method in Denmark for identifying oneself online, including for online banking, accessing public authorities and conducting business with any of the many companies that offer NemID in their services. NemID is owned by the Nets DanID A/S company.

NemID is issued for both business and personal use. The business versions allow authorised people to use NemID to identify themselves as an employee of the company, to act on behalf of the company and to access corporate online banking.

Logging in or identifying yourself with NemID is the same no matter where you are using it. You just need your NemID user ID, your password and a code. The code serves as a form of two-factor authentication. The code is provided on a physical card containing a list of one-time use codes the user carries with them. In 2018, the NemID Code app for smartphones and tablets was launched, eliminating the need for the physical code card.

To obtain a NemID, you must have a Danish CPR, be over the age of 15 and have a valid ID. You can request a NemID from your bank or a citizen service center. Danes living abroad can request it online.

Migration to MitID

Due to technological advancements and new security requirements, NemID will be replaced by the new MitID. The transition period began during 2021 and will be completed by 2022. Find out more at


In order to make the transition to MitID before NemID is phased out, businesses that have offered NemID in their services need to go through a certified MitID broker, such as Scrive, in order to implement and offer MitID.

MitID brokers serve as the intermediaries between the service provider (like a bank, pension provider or public authority) and the MitID service itself. It is only a broker that allows a service provider to authenticate its users.

NemID users

All current NemID users will be moved to MitID by the end of the migration period, and this process will be gradual. Most NemID users will get MitID from their bank. When it is your turn to get MitID, you will be notified automatically when you log in to your online banking. The exception is those users who don’t have a Danish or Greenlandic bank. They need to request MitID from

Once you obtain your new MitID, you need to keep your NemID (code card or NemID Code app), as some services will continue to support it before it is completely phased out. Either your bank or the Danish Authority for Digitalization will inform you when you can no longer use your NemID.

Frequently asked questions

Who can get NemID?

Anyone over the age of 15 with a Danish CPR number and a valid ID.

How do I use the NemID Code app?

The NemID Code app allows you to use NemID from your smartphone or tablet without the need for a code card. Whenever you use your NemID, you will receive a notification on your device with a request for approval. Unlike the code card, you will never run out of codes.

Where can I find support?

How can I learn more about the transition to MitID?


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