BankID provides a simple and secure way to digitally identify yourself with both public and private organisations, such as when accessing government e-services, doing online banking, signing documents and making secure payments at e-commerce stores.

BankID in Sweden

First in Sweden

BankID has made Sweden a pioneer in the widespread adoption of digital identity. First launched in 2003, BankID now has over 8 million users, making it by far the most used eID in Sweden. The vast majority of users opt for Mobile BankID, an app for identifying yourself on a phone and tablet using a security code, facial recognition or fingerprints, depending on what your device supports.

Since BankID was launched, the number of companies and public organisations that offer BankID in their services has grown steadily. So has the number of banks that can issue BankID to their customers, including Handelsbanken, Nordea, Danske Bank and SEB.

In the first year of BankID, people were already using it to sign their tax returns. Today its uses include signing agreements and loan documents, making secure payments by internet and collecting packages from the postal agent.


BankID’s technical infrastructure, operation and maintenance are certified according to ISO27001:2013. Ongoing monitoring and testing ensure that BankID stays safe and potential security risks are discovered early and can be mitigated

Scrive and Swedish BankID

Scrive offers Swedish BankID through both the eID Hub and the eSign electronic signature service.

eID Hub

eID Hub is a platform (API) that allows businesses to integrate identity verification and authentication into their systems. By signing one contract with Scrive, businesses get access to BankID as well as all the eIDs in the eID Hub, rather than making separate agreements with eID suppliers for each eID they want to integrate. This makes it easier, quicker and more efficient for them to implement new eIDs in their systems whenever they need to.

Built with simplicity, security, scalability, and integration in mind, eID Hub provides a single point of access to secure transactions, meaning businesses can simplify their digital identity journey for all their markets.

The eID Hub API enables you to integrate BankID and other eIDs into your systems to perform identity checks, KYC compliance, secure sign-in, customer onboarding and authentication.

With coverage across the Nordics and ongoing expansion into Europe, Scrive is continuously working to add new eID solutions to our offering as they reach maturity in each country.


BankID, as well as all the eIDs in the eID Hub, is also available within eSign, Scrive’s electronic signature service, which enables businesses to digitalise and automate their agreement signing processes.

With eSign, you can send, sign, and manage your documents from anywhere on any device. To increase the security of agreements workflows, eSign users can require the parties who sign their documents to identify themselves with BankID before accessing or signing them.

Frequently asked questions

How does an individual get a BankID?

Obtaining a BankID requires a Swedish Personal Identity Number and an account with one of the banks that issue BankID. An original, in-person identity check at the bank is used to establish the person’s identity.

Who owns BankID?

BankID is owned, managed and developed by Finasiell ID Teknik AB, which is jointly owned by Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Ikano Bank, Länsförsäkringar Bank, SEB, Skandiabanken and Swedbank.

How do I integrate BankID into my company’s services?

You can do this directly through Scrive with the eID Hub API, which gives you a single point of access to all the eIDs Scrive offers.

How do you sign documents with BankID?

When using eSign, Scrive’s electronic signature service, the person signing a document can be required to authenticate their identity with BankID before they e-sign. Scrive saves the evidence of this authentication check with the final signed document.

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